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The most valuable aspects of a home!

Written by: Adam Zuchetti

When you sell property, you’ll find that some aspects are much more valuable to prospective buyers than others. Check out our list of what features get buyers to reach deeper into their pockets, and what aspects can prove difficult to sell. Adding value Floor plan is the key, says Damon Warat of Ray White Ascot in Brisbane. “Entertaining areas, views, elevation and the layout remain the most important. Fixtures and fittings can be amended, ... Read More

Where to splash the cash when selling

Written by: Jude Gregory

Splash Repairs: Time and money spent repairing obvious defects is rarely wasted, as buyers want a property that’s in good shape. Check for visible signs of wear, inside and outside your home. Small jobs, such as filling gaps, re-grouting bathroom tiles or sanding and painting windowsills make a big difference to the appearance of your property. Marketing: This is an essential. Most agents will offer a minimum package of signboard, photos, print and internet ... Read More

Fairy tale-esque wood house for your inner child

Written by: Danielle Cahill

With its ornate staircases, curved wood panel floors and carved stone, this Oregon home’s stunning features are inspired by the natural world. Sitting on a 285 ha block in Ashland, this two-bedroom three-bathroom house is currently on the market for $US 8.235 million.   The front door was carved by local artist Russell Beebe from Brazilian Mahogany wood and features eagles and coyotes as well as Native American motifs.   Two tree scu ... Read More

6 reasons your house isn’t selling!

Written by: Rob Schneider

A house down the street just sold, but yours is still on the market. Why can’t you attract a buyer? It’s a common question and the answers aren’t as much of a mystery as they might appear. These are seven of the most common reasons why houses don’t sell. The price is too high Many homeowners place too high a value on a house they have lived in and loved for years. It’s not always easy, but you have to look at your house from a buyer’s per ... Read More

A room-by-room guide to renovating for profit!

Thinking of renovating your home before selling? You’re not alone. According to the most recent Westpac Renovation Report, increasing the property value, increasing comfort and updating style are the most common reasons for renovating, with the average Australian spending $47,984 per job.   We asked the experts to reveal what renovations offer the most value for money, breaking their advice down room by room. ​Facade A property’s facade is considered the m ... Read More

Zhushing your house for sale

Written by: Jude Gregory

Look at your home through the eyes of a prospective buyer, and take note of imperfections you’ve been overlooking. Buyers usually want to be able to move in straight away, so they’re looking for a home that won’t need immediate repairs. 1. Remove clutter The first step to a good-looking home is to remove excess. Work on the theory that the less clutter, the more spacious your home will appear. Hire a skip and clear out cupboards, garage, garden shed a ... Read More

10 people you always see at auctions

Written by: Carla Danaher

1. The Nosy Neighbours   These people have usually lived in the area for 50 years and can’t quite believe how much property has gone up in their area. They will turn up to at least one inspection during the campaign and relish the opportunity to stickybeak through your house. 2. The Young Princess She’s usually about 22 years old and is always accompanied by Mum and/or Dad at the auction. After all, they’re stumping up the money for the amazing property ... Read More

How to: Choose a real estate agent

Written by: Sarah Millar

There are a number of decisions you need to make when selling your home – both financial and emotional. But one of the most important considerations when deciding to list your property is who is going to sell it for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the family home, your first apartment or an investment property, choosing the right real estate agent is key to getting the best result possible for your property. While everyone approaches the sale of a ... Read More

10 tips to become a Gen Y property guru!

Written by: Carly Jacobs

At first glance it appears that the property market in Australia is a rather bleak place for potential buyers, especially Gen Y first time buyers. Dilapidated, barely standing shacks are being sold in Sydney for millions of dollars and the average price for a ‘starter’ home keeps climbing year after year. With all the negative media surrounding the concept of Gen Ys ever owning property, let alone building a flourishing portfolio of investment properties, it&rsquo ... Read More

Tips on saving for your new home

Written by: Jackie Nevill

Q: What are the best ways for first home buyers to save the money for the upfront costs of buying a new home? A: “As the property market in major metropolitan cities continues to experience high demand, many new entrants and first home buyers feel ‘squeezed out’. There are a few ways you can get in. Couples can learn to live on one income and save the other. Living with parents or flatmating can also help. For established families, working with a financial p ... Read More