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7 hot tips for moving house like a pro

Written by: Jacqui Thompson

1. Prioritise security

Don’t give too much information away when labelling your packed boxes. Just indicate the room the box should be delivered to and give a broad description of the contents. Consider putting very valuable items, including jewellery and antiques, in secure storage during the move, or give them to a trusted family member or friend. Allocate a helper to watch goods awaiting loading into and unloading from the removal van to avoid items being stolen from the street.

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2. Transit insurance 

Your current home and contents insurance may not cover your goods during transit. Often this is an optional extra or there is a cap on the value you can claim. Check with your insurance company when you notify it of your decision to move house. If your removalist company is accredited, it can organise separate transit insurance for you. Your removalist company should have public liability insurance.

3. Back up files

If you do not use automatic or remote computer backup systems, make sure you manually back up financial and personal files before you move. During the relocation, transport your backup files separately to the computer to reduce the risk of losing both copies of files. Transport sensitive information yourself, including your passport, and legal and banking documents.

4. Survival kit

Pack a moving-day survival kit containing essentials to get you through the day and your first night in your new home. Include toilet paper, a kettle, tea, coffee, water, snacks, cleaning products, garbage bags, basic tools, a set of plates, cups, cutlery, a first aid kit, toiletries, a change of clothes, bed linen and pillows.



5. Double check access

Review parking options and vehicle access at each end of your home move. Identify other moving hurdles such as stairwells, lifts or small entrances, and dismantle large furniture items if possible. Inform your removalist about potential access problems so you can find a solution before the big day.

6. Keys

Whether you are a renter or homeowner you will most likely need multiple sets of keys when moving home. If you have only been provided with a single set, you’ll need to get extra cut. If you have bought a home, it is a good idea to change the locks before you move in.

7. Book cleaners

Organise professional cleaners to clean your old residence after you have moved out. It costs money but you’ll appreciate not having to do it yourself after the challenge of moving home. Close the door to your old home and don’t look back!

-Jacqui Thompson

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