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Fairy tale-esque wood house for your inner child

Written by: Danielle Cahill

With its ornate staircases, curved wood panel floors and carved stone, this Oregon home’s stunning features are inspired by the natural world.

Sitting on a 285 ha block in Ashland, this two-bedroom three-bathroom house is currently on the market for $US 8.235 million.



The front door was carved by local artist Russell Beebe from Brazilian Mahogany wood and features eagles and coyotes as well as Native American motifs.



Two tree sculptures carved from copper greet visitors who enter the Shining Hand Ranch which stands before a staircase, itself carved to resemble tree branches which stem from the eagle bustle.

Branches also appear to crawl over parts of the walls and ceiling making it appear as if the lower part of the house is part of a forest.

Four different kinds of curved wood together form the floor and run along like streams of water in a river with stone areas bordering the floor effect.


The house was designed to imitate the surrounding landscape, as the builder tells realtor.com.

“The goal was to have no straight walls,” contractor Ed Bemis says. “The floor plan almost looks like a landscape plan. There’s lots of bent and shaped glass, a lot of rock work.”

Many of the windows in the house are cut to resemble trees and clouds, bringing natural light into the property in a unique way.


The main fireplace features two large dragons kissing to form the shape of a heart.

The house has a balcony, french doors, fireplaces, a large kitchen, walk in closets and a formal living area.


Next to the house is a building with an ‘endless pool’ that uses jets to propels swimmers, like a current,  making it hard to reach the other side.

The house, which looks like something out of a fairy tale, hasn’t been occupied and the owners who are selling it wish to remain anonymous.

-Danielle Cahill

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